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Jun 1, 2019

This is the third in a four episode series on lesbian couples. Today, we talk about the process of creating physical emotional, and familial space in our lives. Creating space in a lesbian relationship can be especially challenging when a couple has different ethnic backgrounds as do our guests today.


Deepali Gokhale is a queer South Asian daughter, sister, friend, co-pilot, parent, mechanical engineer, custom software developer, solar real estate investor, and former community organizer for a plethora of social justice causes. Her life’s mission is to live each day with joyful self-care, as an authentic loving presence, an adventurous amateur, and an accountable leader in order to responsibly participate in creative resolutions with competent confidence.


Tishana Trainor is a queer Black mama that loves anything analog, including self-care, crochet, and journaling. She firmly believes in including rest in planning hard work, and refuses to pour from an empty cup. She works as a software engineer in the DC Metro Area.


Deepali and Tishana co-pilot their life together in Alexandria, VA.