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Nov 23, 2018

Show notes:
Phyllis Adair Robinson, a visual artist, barber/beauty, poet and community activist was born in Portsmouth, Virginia and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Presently, she lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She owns her own business, PAR Art LLC - a multi-medium company, and works as a Master Barber incorporating her art in designer haircuts @ SheCuts Barber Studio in Midtown Atlanta. In her spare time, she mentors youth and advises them to pursue their dreams.

(Episode cover art is a self-portrait by Phyllis Robinson.)

Facebook: Phyllis Robinson
Facebook: AdairsEdgeDesigner Kutz
Facebook: PAR Art LLC
Instagram: adairsedge
Instagram: adairsart
Twitter: adairsedge
Twitter: adairsart
Phone: 678.851.2947